Who can and how apply for the CFA Institute Awareness Scholarships?

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If you are in the beginning of your career or a student, CFA Program may not be that affordable to you. The fees are sometimes simply too high. Find out more about the CFA Program fees here. But, in order to provide the opportunity for all, CFA Scholarships exist.

Apart from the Access scholarships that are aimed at those with difficulties in financing their education, CFA Institute Awareness Scholarships are available to college/university professors, students, employees of qualified government securities regulators/central banks and employees of media organizations.

Awareness scholarship

Awareness Scholarships are awarded to key influencers and are lower in price – free enrollment and exam registration reduced to USD 350 excluding printed curriculum (additional fee of of USD 150 + shipment fee). Awareness scholarships are awarded to:

  • full time college or university professors,
  • administrators/department heads in universities offering bachelor degree education,
  • students of program partners and recognized universities,
  • full time employees of governmental securities regulators,
  • employees of financial media.

Compared to Access scholarships, Awareness scholarships are awarded as requests are received and processed. Prospective candidates must complete the editable form available on the CFA Institute website, sign and send it to the CFA Institute via email.

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