What is better – MBA or CFA program?

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CFA or MBA program - what to choose?

What is better – MBA or CFA program? This is a common question and topic on major discussion groups and forums. A number of professionals are wondering what is better. However, there is no right answer on the question which is better, or what is better to do first.

MBA and CFA are totally different study programmes. CFA makes you an expert in finance especially for certain topics and is aimed at future experts, while MBA is aimed at future managers and generalists. You will not get managerial knowledge in CFA, but you will get expert’s knowledge that will enable you to guide and manage experts. On the other hand, MBA is for middle and top management that are not expected to be involved in specifics, analysis and similar but rather involved in management and organization.

Many candidates are also wondering what is preferred by employers – MBA or CFA charter. In our opinion, it is wrong to approach this issue from this stand point. You should start from your preferences and distinctive characteristics and do the best in field you think you are good at. If you are expert rather than manager go for the CFA and in case it’s the other way around, go for the MBA. The employers will recognize your expertise regardless of the way you go and you will always have the opportunity to retrieve the other program if your workplace requires it.

It is definitely better to choose the education based on what you would like to become – an expert or a manager. Of course, you can always be a manager of experts and a top manager with specific knowledge as an asset, but you should choose your priorities.

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