TimePrep for CFA Level 3 exam is almost here!

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TimePrep for CFA Level 3 exam

It’s been more than two months since we’ve been developing TimePrep for CFA Level 3 exam, and the app is nearly finished. With the completion of L3 app, TimePrep encircles it’s product portfolio regarding CFA exam, thus enabling candidates to go through the whole program with our guidance.

TimePrep is a time-management solution and learning strategy assistant for your CFA exam. After you’ve chose one of three study strategies depending on the materials you have (CFAI materials, Schweser materials) and study elements that you plan to use, you set up your weekly study routine, with all the exceptions that you might encounter (not studying because of business trip for 3 days, or studying extra few days before the exam). TimePrep than engages its complex underlying model to calculate everything you’ve inputted, and tells you if you have allocated enough time to finish the exam preparation on time. This is what most candidates who fail miss – they never have enough time to finish going through the curriculum and do practice problems/mock exams. Not with TimePrep – with our apps, you’ll be right on time.

Even though TimePrep for Level 3 is near, if you’d like to know about the exact day of publishing the app, you can sign up for news about TimePrep for CFA level 3 app right here. There’s also a pleasant surprise waiting for all the early adopters, but more about that in one of our next newsletters.

Find out more details about TimePrep for CFA exam apps here!

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