TimePrep for CFA exam got a complete redesign and upgrade – welcome to v4.0!

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TimePrep new App

Hello world,

It has been a while since the last post – we are sorry. It’s been busy as we’ve gone through the process of thoroughly redesigning and upgrading the TimePrep for CFA exam apps and are happy to say that the new, 4.0 version of the TimePrep app is now available for download for both iPhone and iPad! It took a while, but we decided to redesign the app and our complex time-management algorithm from the ground up so that we can offer the best accuracy and most fluid user experience in the world of CFA apps.

Before you download it, here are some of the biggest changes and improvements:

1. Complete redesign – Opposed to the previous version, the new app is completely in line with the Apple iOS 8 design guidelines. Its flat design allows it to blend with new iOS and the improved user interface and workflow make the study organisation experience seamless and simple.

2. User profiles – That’s right, user profiles are introduced and there’s only one, compact TimePrep for CFA exam app from now on. Hence, a user will be able to download all three CFA Exam levels from a single app.

3. Invite a friend – TimePrep has always been reviewed positively by its users and that’s why we are introducing the Invite a friend option. When you invite your friend and he downloads a certain CFA Level, you can get a Level for free.

These are the biggest changes, there are a lot more so feel free to download the app and try it out!

If you have any questions, definitely reach out on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. All the existing candidates that contacted us in the recent months – we will get back to you with some surprises :)

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