A new CFA app release – TimePrep for CFA Level 2 Exam!

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TimePrep for CFA Level 2 Exam is now available!

TimePrep announces the release of our strategy & time management solution TimePrep for CFA Level 2 for iPhone and iPad. After the successful sales of TimePrep for Level 1 and a number of positive feedbacks, we have decided to develop the solution for Level 2 Candidates as well.

TimePrep for CFA L2 is a unique time management tool that helps you better organize your learning process. This CFA app is based on a calendar which allows you to choose your weekly routines and helps you organize your study time with its features (e.g. rescheduling system) that make the time management flexible. TimePrep study schedule can also be synced with your main iOS calendar. Furthermore, the app guides you through the process and warns you of important days, tracks your record and gives you a feedback (statistics) about your learning effort. The application is developed for June 2013 exam and like TimePrep for Level 1 Exam it incorporates three learning strategies –  CFA Official, Schweser (based on the most popular CFA exam prep provider) and Worst Case Scenario. This CFA app packs all the features that TimePrep for CFA Level 1 Exam has – if you pass your CFA Level 1 Exam with the help of  our solution, then you should feel like at home with Level 2 app.

Features list:

  • Daily-weekly learning study plan
  • Personalized daily learning schedule
  • Three fully adaptable strategies
  • Rescheduling system for failed events
  • Statistics module for tracking progress
  • Worst Case Scenario strategy
  • iCloud Calendar sync
  • Reminds you of important dates
  • Free CFA study tips and exam tips
  • State of the art design and simple setup
  • Support for the CFA Official curriculum and Kaplan schweser Study notes

Check out all the features and screenshots

Since the app solves the time management problem that is not solved by the existing time management solutions (e.g. automatic rescheduling system) it is recognized by a number of CFA candidates and sold in more than 35 countries worldwide. The number of our satisfied costumers motivates us to further develop our product.

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