TimePrep, one of the most useful CFA apps just got upgraded to v2.0

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It’s a good day today – Apple released the update to our TimePrep, one of the most useful CFA apps out there by the word of our users. TimePrep is an intelligent time management solution and learning strategy assistant for the CFA level 1 exam. It has already helped hundreds of candidates reach their goals and pass the exam, and with this update we are bringing even more options in a more beautiful interface for iPhone owners.

The fastest CFA app out there

By bringing TimePrep for CFA level 1 exam app to version 2.0, we didn’t just think of a redesign and new functionalities, we also thought on how to further enhance the user experience of our existing offering. Before you could create an entire study plan based on your preferences and available time in just a few seconds. Now? Now we’re talking about one part of a second. TimePrep is in some cases more than 80% faster than before. That will make your everyday usage of TimePrep even more special.

iPhone 5 compatible

Users with the iPhone 5 have waited a long time for this. Since TimePrep is built from the ground up without using standardized Apple code that limits our functionality, upgrading the app for iPhone 5 screen format was a huge task to make. As the result, we believe that it brings the iPhone 5 owners even more joy when they use the app. You see more of your daily calendar view, weekly calendar fits perfectly on the beautiful iPhone 5 retina display, and every other aspect of the app feels refreshed.

Completely redesigned weekly calendar view for iPhone

TimePrep offers both daily and weekly calendar view on iPhone devices, so that it’s even easier for candidates to manage their schedule. With v2.0, we brought beautiful flat design to our weekly calendar view, while at the same time improving the functionality of the weekly calendar. Now you can adjust the size of every day in your calendar view to fit your exact learning style.

Mock exam – yet another strategy element

When setting up your learning strategy, a candidate usually chose between four strategy elements. The Mock exam was simply a part of practice problems solving. But thanks to the input from our users, and to further emphasize the significance of the Mock exam in your preparation, we added the Mock exam as the fifth strategy element. If you choose to do the Mock exam, TimePrep will allocate the appropriate time in the middle of your review phase – right when you need it.

Bug fixes and improvements

The famous bugs are a part of every single app in the world. So was the case with TimePrep, where you couldn’t set up a free date or a max study date in your setup after June 1st. Now we fixed that, and also made some improvements in the code which makes the app even better than before.

TimePrep has already been established as a critical tool on the way to the CFA charter. CFA level 1 and level 2 candidates have already experienced how easy it can be to manage your study plan with TimePrep, and now the December exam candidates can feel that in an even better package. When thinking about the June 2014 level 2 and level 3 candidates, we will have something for you in the store soon enough…

Find out more details about TimePrep for CFA exam apps here!

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