McGraw Hill and CFA Institute admit: Time management and study strategy are critical key to a success in professional education!

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Two years ago we have started developing TimePrep for iPhone and iPad, our strategy and time management tool for the CFA program candidates. CFA program is one of the most prestigious programs for financial and investment professionals. Being the first company offering such a solution for candidates in professional educational programs, we have highlighted the importance of strategy and time management in professional education. For many years, educational companies (mainly alternative prep providers) were focused on offering abbreviated curriculum and have that way addressed the issue of lack of time and self organization in preparing for the professional educational programs and tests. However, many candidates who even use so called “prep-providers” notes said that they didn’t have enough time to complete the process, have difficulties organizing the study process, and didn’t manage to take advantage of all available prep materials or study elements.

Besides the good numbers of distributed apps and excellent feedback from our customers, later being the most important for us, most recent moves of large international companies and educational institutes are additional proof that our initiative was right and that we have addressed the true challenge of professionals who are striving to organize their business and private life, and still progress in professional education.

McGraw – Hill has published its Study planner for ACT, GMAT, GRE and LSAT in April 2013. This simple tool offers rough orientation on your study performance and plan based on 4 key variables: exam date, study start date, strengths and weaknesses and time available for study. Although simple and rough, this tool gives some control over the study process. A candidates is in position to define number of lessons per a usually day and even define day offs.

CFA Institute has recently offered a free CFA study planer for 2014 candidates. This solution is a bit more advanced and offers orientation on how much time you can allocate on certain study sessions based on current date, exam date and (probably) size of each of the sections. The solution also offers link to Mock exam, making the study planner integrated strategy solution for the CFA official curriculum.

Both initiatives are stressing the importance of study strategy, process organization and time management in such a new but demanding industry – professional education. It is obvious that in current life environment where long (and increasing) working hours are reality of many professionals who are still required to attend professional educational programs, managing time is becoming the most critical key to success.

TimePrep is superior strategy and time management solution that offers 3 strategies and more than 12 variables that enables candidates to easily fine tune their study plan. The most critical selling point is  that you can easily adjust your study schedule by reorganizing study routines or individual session (the feature not available in the traditional planing tools), and TimePrep makes sure you have allocated enough time for the study process and gives you feedback on what to do, when to do it and if you will make it on time. This tool is easy to sync with iOS calendar so you can balance educational obligations with you business and private life.

Being our first and successful test market, CFA program market has strongly encouraged us to use the well developed code infrastructure to extend on other demanding professional educational markets like GMAT, LSAT, etc.

Find out more details about TimePrep for CFA exam apps here and don’t miss the June Results Sale (20% OFF) for TimePrep for CFA Level 1!

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