December 2017 CFA Exam results are arriving!

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CFA Institute has started sending CFA December 2017 exam results. You will receive it soon. Be patient, our experience says that you may receive it couple of hours after your colleague sitting next to you, and both may pass the exam. The timing of the receipt doesn’t have any connection with the exam … Read More

TimePrep holiday review

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It’s the end of the year, and we believe it is time to make a short TimePrep holiday review. It’s been a tremendous year –  our first full year – and each month we’ve reached more and more candidates with our helpful products. But, let’s start from the beginning of 2013: … Read More

December 2013 CFA exam – the aftermath

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It’s been a few days since the December CFA exam, and this one was no different than any other CFA exam – candidates were exhausted afterwards, some were panicking about their performance, others were glad that it was all over… it’s all the part of the CFA program experience, and … Read More

Day before the CFA exam – what to do?

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A day before the CFA exam is, after the exam day, the most stressful day for the majority of candidates. Of course, it should be different. We will try to explain the logic that will help you calm down and rest on the day before your CFA exam, as well … Read More

TimePrep for CFA Level 3 exam is almost here!

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It’s been more than two months since we’ve been developing TimePrep for CFA Level 3 exam, and the app is nearly finished. With the completion of L3 app, TimePrep encircles it’s product portfolio regarding CFA exam, thus enabling candidates to go through the whole program with our guidance. TimePrep is … Read More