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Early bird catches the worm

Don’t miss the First Fee Deadline for June CFA Sale (20% OFF) for TimePrep for CFA!

As always, time is important. As you well know, the time for registering for the December CFA exam is up. But, Wednesday, September 24 is the First fee schedule deadline to register for the June CFA exam. If you intend to register for the exam after this date you will pay USD 580 more for your registration and you will have less time for exam prep. According to the experience of many candidates, it is advisable to start your prep at least 3 months prior to the exam. Even though that’s still far away, saving money is always good.

You may wonder how much does the CFA exam cost exactly? Well, all the info and details can be found here and in case you need more advise on when to start preparing and why is ti crucial to start early, read more here.

So, if you missed the chance to register for the Level 1 exam and you have finally decided to enrol the program or you have passed the previous exam and need to enrol the Level 2 or 3 in June, there is no need to wait. Go for it and save some money and time for preparation, it will surely pay off. Remember the early bird catches the worm! Good luck!

Find out more details about TimePrep for CFA exam apps here and don’t miss the First Fee Deadline for June CFA Sale (20% OFF) for TimePrep for CFA!

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