How can psychology help you in the CFA Exam learning process?

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Couple of months spent on learning? Sounds like very exhausting and demanding for your brain. There must be some tricks that can come from psychology that can help you. We have summarized a couple of the most important psychological tips in this article.

Let’s start from the beginning of the learning process. It will be easier for you to start with topics (volumes) that look as the most interesting for you. This is good for two reasons. First, if you start with the most interesting topic you will progress quickly through the curriculum. Second, you will find yourself with a volume behind you but not tired because it has been a pleasure to read the most interesting part. You will be motivated with the successful and painless job for further effort.

Use mnemotechnics to remember complicated formulas. Psychologists claim that using mnemotechnics can help you memorize complicated concepts. It is a widespread tool used by students around the globe. Besides mnemotechnics, the typical learning “tool” are flashcards. You can make your own flashcards or use prep providers (available on smartphones, Facebook, etc.).

Finally, something that many candidates and professors deem the critical for the CFA exam preparation is Self-Control Bias. You will learn about this concept in the level 3 curriculum. A little bit too late to apply your knowledge to the CFA exam prep.

Self-control bias, as defined in CFA Level 3 curriculum, is bias where people fail to achieve their long term goals due to lack of self-discipline. There is a conflict between long term goals (to pass the CFA exam) and short term pleasure (e.g. free time spent with your friends or family or spent at work). Besides the fact that passing the CFA exam is your ultimate personal-professional goal it may be conflicted to short term needs (either personal or professional) and your learning routine may be distracted with it. Try to overcome the bias with strict focus on the curriculum during your study routines and tracking the progress of the learning process so you can quickly apply your agenda or learning effort.

Train your brain, but control it as well. Good luck!

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