CFA Official curriculum vs. prep providers

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CFA curriculum

Sooner or later each candidate asks himself/herself is it better to buy CFA® study notes or other materials from prep providers, or it is better to learn from the official CFA curriculum.

First of all, if you have sufficient time you shoud read the official CFA curriculum and solve as many practice questions, either from Mock and Sample exams provided by CFA Institute or from practice questions data bases provided by prep providers (like Schweser qbank or similar). If you read the official curriculum, you will be sure that you have covered 100% of the prescribed curriculum.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time or you feel time pressured, it may be convenient to buy study notes from prep providers. Study notes are shorter than official curriculum and are focused on most important topics. Official curriculum is very often repetitive and you might lose a lot of time reading the same concepts over and over again during the process. Furthermore, if you have financial or economic background, the shorter curriculum may be just enough for your preparation. Prep providers make sure that they cover the most important topics in study notes.

Finaly, prep providers offer a variety of products like audio or video lessons, formulas, cheat sheets and other that may better fit your learning preference or experience. For example, if you prefer to learn via listening to audio materials you will probably learn better if you listen to lessons rather the read them.

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2 Comments on “CFA Official curriculum vs. prep providers”

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