How to postpone the CFA exam

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Postpone the CFA exam

Many candidates are wondering is it possible to postpone the CFA exam? After months of preparation – you may face the wall. If your calculation shows that you will never make it on time and that even the Worst case scenario with TimePrep can’t help you, it is OK to contemplate the withdrawal option. Unfortunately, withdrawal option is available only for CFA Level I candidates. Level II and Level III candidates effectively can’t postpone the CFA exam and it may make sense to go and take the exam in order to get the valuable experience for next year.

If you are a CFA Level I candidate and have figured it out that you will not make it on time, you can use your withdrawal option. Unfortunately, you will not get 100% of your paid fees back. You will not have to pay the program enrolment fee, but just the exam registration fee for the next exam. If you decided to postpone the CFA exam make sure that your withdrawal form is received by the CFA Institute by the deadline listed on the form. You can find all necessary information here.

What is the benefit you get if you postpone the CFA exam? You will reduce the stress and prolong the prep period. In addition, you will be able to register for the next exam prior to the publication of results for the exam you didn’t write, and continue with you prep sooner. You may save up to 60 days that candidates usually spend by waiting for the exam results. However, make sure that you are 100% confident  that you will not perform well on the exam. If you go for it, you may still surprise yourself and pass the exam. Your own judgement is crucial here.

If you are not sure if you can make it or not, why don’t you try our own TimePrep for CFA exam, apps for iPad and iPhone devices that can help you create a study strategy and a time schedule, from day one until the exam day? Check more about it here.

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