Free CFA ibook by TimePrep - Guide for the CFA exam

Guide for the CFA exam – a free iBook by TimePrep

Preparing your CFA exam is hard. Whether you’re just starting your preparation, or you’re already months in the preparation process, there is always something you find out about the CFA exam that you didn’t know before. Like many other things, the most valuable advice that you can get comes from experience. That is why the team at TimePrep decided to develop a free iBook for iPads that focuses on that – experienced advice regarding preparation and exam taking processes.

The iBook contains several chapters – it starts with general info about the CFA program, continues with some general advice on the preparation process, and then there are three chapters that are specifically designed for each CFA level. Since CFA level 1 candidates are the most inexperienced ones, special accent was given to the chapter regarding CFA level 1 exam, which is the biggest chapter in the whole iBook. We finish the book with some other information that each candidate can find useful, and as the last chapter we included our quick tips for CFA candidates.

Guide for the CFA exam - a free iBook by TimePrepChapters are as follows:

  • Preface
  • About the program
  • General advice on preparation process
  • CFA level 1 exam – the beginning of a long road
  • CFA level 2 exam – half way there
  • CFA level 3 exam – the last mile
  • Other useful info
  • Tips for candidates
  • Afterword

This 100-page material is more than useful for each candidate – by reading through the book you will find yourself more and more knowledgeable about the whole preparation process. Since it’s a media-enriched iBook, it is not so heavy read as you could think – it usually takes 2-3h for an average candidate to go through the whole book.

We are more than excited that we produced this material, and that is why we are giving it away completely free. The best way to use our book is with iPads, where you can feel the enrichened navigation and beautiful transitions. The book is available on the iBookstore, in 51 countries over the world. For all the other candidates that do not have access to an iPad or the iBookstore in their country, we also thought of you – you can download our free iBook right here! Please share your contact details before downloading, and download the book after submitting:

Download – click here for PDF edition

Enjoy your reading and feel free to review the book on the iBookstore, it helps us to reach even more candidates. Also, feel free to share it with your colleagues who are also CFA candidates. For all the other comments and questions, please contact us directly. If you’re visiting this page from an iPad, you can go directly on the iBookstore to download our book.

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