December 2013 CFA exam – the aftermath

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December CFA exam aftermath

It’s been a few days since the December CFA exam, and this one was no different than any other CFA exam – candidates were exhausted afterwards, some were panicking about their performance, others were glad that it was all over… it’s all the part of the CFA program experience, and for first time exam takers it is definitely something new. A message from TimePrep especially to them – relax and don’t think about the exam. Don’t try to go through the curriculum trying to figure out if you have used correct formulas or not. Just relax. You are probably tired and you need to rest. Don’t try to discuss with your colleagues outcome of the exam, just relax solely or with your friends.

Waiting for the exam result, no matter how well prepared you were, is a little bit stressful. Try to focus on a number of friends and family members that you have potentially neglected over the preparation period. Furthermore, focus on projects, either private or business, that you have put aside during the preparation. Try not to think about the exam results. But don’t worry if you feel impatience, it is natural. Talk to your CFA candidates colleague and CFA members or experienced candidates because they will encourage you and help with an advice.

Finally, if you have a good feeling about the exam, maybe you can borrow actual books or buy study notes for the next level and start preparing for the next CFA exam. You can, at least, inform yourself about the structure of the next level and start saving money or secure financing for the enrolment fees. Our iBook “TimePrep Guide for the CFA exam“, which is a free download, might help you prepare for the next level.

But more than our advice, we would like to hear you out in the comments – what was your experience with the December 2013 CFA exam?

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One Comment on ““December 2013 CFA exam – the aftermath”

  1. John L.

    I think I nailed it! :) But I must admit that it was really exhausting, on Sunday I was like a zombie, thankfully XL Pizza in the evening saved me.

    And thanks for TimePrep app, I’ve used it for L1 prep on my iPad, gonna use it for L2 definitely!

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