Day before the CFA exam – what to do?

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Day before the CFA exam

A day before the CFA exam is, after the exam day, the most stressful day for the majority of candidates. Of course, it should be different. We will try to explain the logic that will help you calm down and rest on the day before your CFA exam, as well as a few tips on how to relax and focus on the exam day.

If you are an average candidate you have spent past several months of your life preparing your CFA exam. Be sure, you will not learn anything crucial for the exam the day before. Your final effort (especially if overnight) can only ruin your performance on the exam day. Your success on the exam will be the result of months long learning, not the day before the CFA exam reading. On the other hand, it is useful to shortly skim cheat sheets with key formulas and concepts. But don’t spend more than 3-4 hours on the materials. Try to relax as much as possible, go for a walk, eat easy food and try to sleep well. If you have to travel to another city, make sure you’ve reserved your flight/train/bus and booked a hotel (if possible near the testing centre).

Wake up early on the exam day and have a good breakfast but don’t eat just before the exam. If possible, walk to the testing centre. Try to arrive at the testing centre earlier. You will have time to locate a cafe and a restaurant for the lunch break, wardrobe and examination hall.

Relax, if you have learned enough you will be successful in remembering all the formulas and concept necessary for passing the exam. Anxiety and nervousness may only ruin your performance. If you haven’t learned enough, just focus and try to use everything you can remember, you might still have some luck, but make sure that you take the maximum out of the opportunity.

Remember, you can repeat the exam many times, and the majority of candidates do so, thus don’t worry about the exam results. CFA exam is not the most important event in your life, there must be a number of both private and business accomplishments that make you a very successful person, so don’t bother yourself with the outcome of the process.

Good luck!

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