Learning strategy elements

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CFA learning strategy elements

The idea of this post is to make you aware of a possible CFA® learning strategy and even more important – CFA learning strategy elements and their combination and sequence.

Basically, candidates often choose between two broad strategies:

  • learning from official CFA Institute’s learning materials (books, Mock exams & Sample exams)
  • learning from materials provided by prep providers (such as Schweser)

No mater the strategy a candidate takes, it is very important how does he/she combine the strategy elements together. Strategy elements are actually materials you can use in your preparation, such as: readings, End of Chapter Problems, Sample Exams, Mock Exams, Practice Problems Databases, Formulas cheat sheets, etc. At the begining of the learning process you should determine strategy elements which you plan to use in the process. This is a very important step because you should have a learning plan that will take into account the time needed for each of the elements (read more: time management post).

Once you determine the set of strategy elements you will take, you should decide on the sequential order of elements as well as the time you will dedicate to a certain element (e.g. how many practice questions you aim to solve). Regarding sequential order, you can mix elements in a number of ways, e.g. solve end of chapter problems after each reading, but focus on practice problems after every two books you read; you can leave the practice questions for the end of the process; you can review the theory after each book or at the end of he process but before the practice problems, etc. It is also important to start with readings that interest you the most, that will motivate you to work hard and easily complete the readings.

Defining  strategy, strategy elements, sequential order as well as the weights/timing of each element is crucial for the learning process. If you define all of it at the very beginning of your preparation, you will have an organized and structured learning process.

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