Don’t have enough time to completely prepare your CFA exam? Use our Worst Case Scenario!

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CFA worst case scenario

It may happen that due to business or private obligations and deadlines you simply didn’t have enough time for preparation of the CFA exam. There is a certain time period before the exam, say month or three weeks, and you want to use the time as efficient as possible and try to somehow pass the exam.

It is clear that, if you continue with your work and other daily obligations, you don’t have sufficient time for thorough preparation. You have to pick some of the most important topics and solve decent number of practice problems and hope for the best.

First of all, organize yourself! Calculate the time in hours you can dedicate to learning in the period until the CFA exam day. Leave the day before the exam for reviewing formulas and relaxation and dedicate 50% of total remaining time for readings and 50% of total time for practice problems. Put it in a calendar or on a piece of paper. Once you calculate the time go through the Table of contents and identify the most important (basic) topics you should read. Skip advanced topics, skip topics you are familiar with, just try to memorize key formulas and exceptions, skim the examples. In the reading process you will probably skip a lot, but don’t skip entire books because you have to cover everything, but in a reduced form of course.

Once your calendar or note reminds you that you should turn to practice problems, do it! Solving practice problems is the most important preparation tool that will help you prepare for your CFA exam and also let you learn some new stuff. It is highly recommended to use some electronic practice question databases (like Kaplan Schweser‘s QBank) because they will shorten the learning process and give you very thorough feedback.

Finaly, on the day before your CFA exam relax! No matter how many pages you have read or problems solved, you need some rest and relaxation. Make sure that you review the formulas, cheat sheet or notes, but don’t spend more than 2-3 hours on that.

Good luck!

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