Last chance to change your CFA exam test centre!

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Exactly 60 days to go, that is more than 8 weeks to go and preparations and studying for the CFA exam are well under way. Even though the exam is getting closer and closer and studying is intensifying with each day, there are several other formalities left that CFA Candidates can still do.

One of them is changing their CFA exam test centre and the last day to do that is Monday, 13 October. Since all test centers have limited seating, you better hurry! Test center change requests are approved on a first-come, first-served basis subject to availability. Requests for an alternate test center within the same metropolitan area will not be accepted.

So, you can change your CFA exam test centre by logging in on the CFA Institute website and selecting the “My CFA” tab above. Also, you can check and see all available test centres.

Like the June 2014 Exam, all CFA Program exams will also be held on  Saturday, 6 December only to ensure that all candidates receive a similar exam day experience and strengthens the security of the CFA Program.

The other formality is regarding the admission ticket that you will receive in November, where the final test centre confirmation will be put, but we will get back to it in the following weeks!

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One Comment on ““Last chance to change your CFA exam test centre!”

  1. Calvin Amin

    The CFA Program is a rigorous one that requires hundreds of hours dedicated to studying and revision. With only 41 days left until the big day, it is now time to review and practice.

    There are many sources for sample questions and mock exams that simulate the CFA exam. For example, the website provides a good live mock exam for the level I exam and several free sample questions that are being updated on weekly basis.

    Good luck to all candidates!

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