Let revision for the December CFA Exam begin!

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CFA Exam Level 1 Revision

Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum

Make sure that you revise the material once again before your CFA® exam, if possible. Since the entire curriculum is quite extensive it is highly recommended to underline and mark key concepts during the initial reading. Once you complete all the readings you will spend significantly less time revising the underlined sentences (only most important).

It is also very good practice to make notes while reading, especially with key formulas. If you don’t want to lose valuable time writing the key formulas, buy vendor formulas cheat-sheet (there are couple of them available also on the App Store). Once you complete all the readings it will be much easier to skim the formulas from one sheet rather than browse for them in your books.

Make sure you revise at least once all the formulas and key concepts you have underlined, but don’t forget that the most important preparation for the exam is solving a certain number of practice problems. Solving practice problems will prepare you for the CFA exam item set question format and level of details usually examined. It is best to start with the CFA exam revision at least 4 weeks prior to the exam.

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