December 2017 CFA Exam results are arriving!

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CFA Institute has started sending CFA December 2017 exam results. You will receive it soon. Be patient, our experience says that you may receive it couple of hours after your colleague sitting next to you, and both may pass the exam. The timing of the receipt doesn’t have any connection with the exam result.

You are probably on your workplace, so try to be efficient and focus on the work. It will help you in waiting for the results because the time will pass quickly. However, go to the CFA Institute website in the My CFA section and check the e-mail address you have provided to CFA Institute, especially if the e-mail address is from your previous employer or an e-mail account that you don’t check very often. Make sure your inbox is not full and ready to receive such an important message. Stay cool.

If you have passed the exam, you are probably among 40% of well prepared (and lucky) individuals. Congratulations!

If you have unfortunately failed the exam don’t be sad. It happens, and the majority of candidates have failed the exam (around 60%). In the long term, success is in persistence and hard work. Since the majority of candidates report that they fail due to time management issue, we would suggest to try  TimePrep iPhone and iPad application that can help you to complete your learning process on time. We would definitely suggest to enrol the level in the next term, because you can leverage on the knowledge you gained during preparation for June exam, and the probability of passing in the second attempt is much higher.

In any case, we would suggest continuing with the highly rewarding CFA program. Take a few days off, relax with your close ones and then decide and focus on the next term, another opportunity to win.

Good luck!

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