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Today we wait for the CFA exam results! CFA institute will start sending June 2014 CFA Exam results on July 26th. starting from 9AM E.T. Of course, you will receive the results if you haven’t changed your e-mail address and forgot to inform CFA Institute about it.

Many candidates give their official e-mail address simply because they spend more time in the office than on their home computer (and sometimes employers restrict the access to private e-mails during working hours). In addition, many candidates change the company they are working for in the period between the CFA exam and CFA exam results, and therefore it is possible that they don’t get their CFA exam results because they are sent to the old e-mail address. If this happens to you, don’t panic because you can still fix the issue and, in the worst case, you will be able to see the CFA exam results the following day on your MyCFA profile (also from 9AM E.T.).

In order to fix the e-mail address issue you should go to the CFA Institute web site, log in and click on your account (link with your name). You will immediately see the current e-mail address under the profile section and the option to change it. The change of your contact details is done in a matter of seconds. Make sure you have the right e-mail address on your CFA account so you can avoid any inconvenience and unnecessary stress on the CFA exam results day.

And finally, another question that bothers many candidates: what if I forgot the password? You can select an option to answer the challenge question. By entering your current/old e-mail address and personal data (name and surname) you will enter the challenge question section where you will be offered the question you will know how to answer. Then the system will offer you the option to change the password. This process is also quick and easy but make sure you write the password somewhere.

Good luck with your CFA exam results, hope you’ll be satisfied!

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