How much does the CFA Exam cost?

CFA Exam fee schedule

CFA Institute offers to candidates and future candidates various fees for their enrolment, depending on when do they enrol the program. If you enrol sooner you can save up to USD 465. Besides, you also get extra time for preparation.

CFA Exam in June 2014 (L1, L2 and L3)

The first two deadlines for the enrolment passed on the 25th of September 2013 and 12th of February. Of course you can still enrol the program and/or register for the exam until March 12, 2014, which is tomorrow. Since enrolment on the last deadline in the most expensive, you will have to pay USD 1,610.

CFA Institute has brought up a new policy regarding printed curriculum for all 2014 candidates. Namely, the electronic version of curriculum is included in the above mentioned prices (and you cannot exclude it), but if you want printed curriculum you have to pay additional USD 150 + shipping cost (which varies across countries).

The final deadline for enrolment in our opinion this is not only the most expensive option but also not advisable deadline for the start of your preparation. We would definitely recommend some time management tools to help you in your CFA exam preparation like our TimePrep apps for iPhone and iPad devices. CFA Institute and McGraw Hill also acknowledged the impact of efficient time management in CFA exam preparation, so make sure you have all that you need for such a short time to prepare your CFA exam.

CFA Exam in December 2014 (L1)

The first enrolment deadline for December CFA exam is the same as final deadline for June exam, 12th of March 2014. If you enrol for the CFA exam today, you can save up to USD 550, with total cost of USD 1060 – first time enrolment fee is USD 440, and the exam fee is USD 620. If you need more time to think about it, there is always the second deadline, 20th of August 2014. The exam fee is USD 800, which is USD 180 more than the exam fee for the first deadline.

Final deadline for enroling the December CFA exam is September 17th, with total cost of enrolment the same as June exam cost in the final deadline – USD 1610.

You can find more about CFA Exam fee schedule on the CFA Institute website.

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