CFA Exam prep – how to learn Corporate Finance (Level 1 and Level 2)?

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CFA Exam - how to learn corporate finance

In the level 1 curiculum, Corporate Finance are put together with Portfolio management in one volume. You can read more about Portfolio management in our blog How to learn Portfolio management for Level 1 CFA examIn Level 2 curriculum, Corporate finance is put in separate volume.

In both Level 1 and Level 2, Corporate Finance, as a topic, is divided in couple of separate sections that are not interdependent and can be learned separately. The best approach would be to focus on separate sections and learn them thoroughly and solve as many practice problems as possible before turning to the next section. Before learning the next section, make sure that you make a list of types of questions that you have been solving in the previous section, with short description of the question type. That is especially important for Level 1, because you will face a number of types of questions that will not be easy to review.

If you don’t have time, you can skip the Corporate governance part (especially in Level 1), because it is time consuming and by focusing on more quantitative topics, you will most probably solve decent number of problems from corporate finance part. Try not to skip this section in Level 2 curriculum, because it may happen that it is one question on the exam and you may jeopardize the pass in the easiest topic.

In Level 2, Corporate Finance is focused on only a few topics which are described in detail. Make sure you don’t skip any of these topics, because questions on the exam may be from any of them. Moreover, if you have sufficient time, read also the segments that are marked as optional (e.g. in capital budgeting section). These segments are useful repetition of  Level 1 material.

Good luck!

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