CFA exam cheating – you’re only cheating yourself

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CFA exam cheating

Don’t cheat yourself

There is really nothing good coming out of cheating on the exam. You may be caught and lose the opportunity to become a CFA charterholder and be embarrassed in front of your colleges in the industry.

What can you get with CFA exam cheating? You can see a formula or two from your notes in chewing gums (although forbidden) or written in the secret place of your calculator and opt for a couple of points but risk to loose everything related to your current professional education. You certainly cannot pass the exam based on cheating. For sure you will not be in a position to copy everything from a colleague of yours sitting next to you. Cheating is not a good idea. Be aware of the fact that the majority of candidates doesn’t cheat. If you are trying to cheat you will most probably act in an awkward manner and get noticed by many proctors who are overseeing the exam.

What happens in case you are caught cheating? First off all, you will most probably be warned by a proctor, however if you are only warned it doesn’t mean that CFA Institute will not initiate an investigation. You will be notified about the process and then the troubles begin.

There is a history of unsuccessful cheating attempts, and they are documented. Experienced CFA Institute proctors are aware of all possible options candidates usually do when trying to cheat. The best proof is the fact that the exam rules are periodically updated based on the recent cheating attempts. If you only take a glance on the exam rules, you will see that CFA Institute has thoroughly planned the exam day and minimized the opportunity for unethical behavior.

Finally, do you really want to get the designation by cheating? CFA community may not be the community of your choice. In case you want to be part of it, respect it and you will be respected – your hard work will pay off in the end.

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