During the CFA Exam, candidates are not permitted to have water!

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December CFA® Exam is tomorrow, and even though it’s not summer and too hot, candidates might still be thirsty during the exam because they will not be permitted to bring water to their exam desk.

Due to the possibility of spills, that may cause damage to exam books and candidates’ exam sheets, candidates are not permitted to have water bottles next to them. However, water stations are provided in the testing rooms at convention halls and drinking fountains are accessible at universities and schools where the CFA Exam takes place.

Apart from water, baggage of any kind, pencil cases, study materials, notes, other paper or present/future value tables and highlighters nor rulers are not permitted at the CFA Exam desk. Even calculator manuals are not permitted, so be sure to learn how your calculator works.

On the other hand, medicines, tissues and other necessary medical and personal items may be brought to the exam desk. But, they have to be kept in the pocket of the candidates or on the floor during the CFA Exam. For more information about the permitted items at the CFA Exam desk, check out the personal belongings policy page.

Remember to have an adequate amount of fluid before the exam so you don’t get dehydrated. Good luck!

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