How to prevent a burnout during preparation for the CFA Exam?

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Psychology as a help in CFA learning process

CFA exam prep combined with daily work and private obligations may be very demanding and stressful. Preparation by itself is not that demanding, but combined with all the surrounding work and expectations may be destructive. Many candidates at the end decide to drop out from the program because they fail to stay on track with the curriculum. There is a critical number of candidates that somehow manage to combine professional and private life with the learning obligations and successfully complete the learning process. Unfortunately, the risks associated with the extraordinary effort needed for the successful completion of the program are health troubles.

The problem is simple – most of the candidates coming from the financial industry work the whole day. And then after their hard work and all private obligations they have to dedicate certain amount of time to studying. The effort they are giving during an average day may be destructive for their health.


Constant stress and overwhelming effort may cause burnout – a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. It happens when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands from your environment and yourself. Burnout has a number of negative effects on your mental (but also on physical) health and is a serious problem.

Symptoms of burnout include: constant feel of tiredness, lowered immunity, headaches, change in appetite, sense of failure and self-doubt, feel of helplessness, loneliness, loss of motivation, cynicism and decrease of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. If you feel some of the symptoms make sure you investigate this topic a little bit more and consult yourself with a doctor. This may be a serious issue. You can find out more about burnout on Wikipedia, but consulting with a physician is the best way to go.

If you feel stressed out and tired you may prevent the burnout if you try to relax yourself and decrease the level of your daily stress. Try to have pauses over day, walk on a fresh air for at least half an hour if you don’t practice any other sports. Eat healthy and regularly and take your time for the meal. Make sure you sleep enough. If you can’t sleep, try to relax more or consult a doctor.

Good health is your ultimate tool for achieving private and professional goals, so try to maintain it properly and take care of it. Good luck!

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