New CFA app – TimePrep for CFA Level 3 exam, and L1 & L2 updates

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TimePrep for CFA Level 3 Exam

TimePrep for CFA Level 3 Exam is here!

Right on time for June 2014 exam preparation, TimePrep has published its higlhly renown time management solution for the CFA exam preparation for Level 3 candidates. The CFA app is based on our praised methodology and underlying model, and it should help every user pass hers/his CFA exam with ease. For those of you who are not yet acquainted with our apps, here is a short description of what the app essentialy does:

TimePrep creates a learning strategy that is optimal for you and it guides you through each and every study day – what to read, how many problems to solve etc. put in a daily schedule according to your free-time preferences. It doesn’t matter if you already started your preparation, or you’re just about to start – TimePrep fully adapts to your progress and schedule.

Once you enter your learning strategy preferences and your weekly routine (an approach that is also supported by the CFA Institute), our CFA app engages its complex algorithms to calculate the entire learning period for you and it supplies you with the whole learning plan in a matter of seconds. Also, TimePrep has a superior rescheduling system for the events that you failed – simply compensate the lost time sometime during the next few days and TimePrep will recalculate your whole plan. With TimePrep, what used to be complex now seems simple. And right on time. To find out even more, visit our app page.

Aside from TimePrep for CFA Level 3 Exam, we also updated our L1 and L2 apps. They now have social sharing features and achievements – when you finish a volume, share the positive vibration to your friends and colleagues! Also, iOS calendar sync is now massively improved, and it continuously syncs with your iCal, even giving you a small checkmark or “x” sign in your iOS calendar so that you can see which events you completed. The apps have naturally been updated with 2014 curriculum, and regarding our L1 CFA app now you can pick the exam that you are studying for – December or June – and TimePrep will apply the appropriate curriculum accordingly.

Thanks to TimePrep for CFA Level 3 Exam, we have encircled our porfolio of CFA apps, thus enabling candidates to go through the whole program using TimePrep. We are extremely happy about it, especially when we are contacted by candidates who say that our app is the sole reason why they managed to stay on track and pass the exam. Keep it going, and spread the word. We would also like to thank all the candidates who noticed some glitches or bugs, and have been patient enough to sort it out together with us, as well as other candidates who had some amazing ideas on how to further improve.

To celebrate the release of TimePrep for CFA Level 3 exam app, and to reward the early adopters, we are having a promotion until November 8th, where all three of our apps are 20% off, down to 39.99$ from 50$! Start preparing yourself on time and save! Visit the app store now:

TimePrep for CFA Level 1 Exam

TimePrep for CFA Level 2 Exam

TimePrep for CFA Level 3 Exam

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