Learning strategy elements

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The idea of this post is to make you aware of a possible CFA® learning strategy and even more important – CFA learning strategy elements and their combination and sequence. Basically, candidates often choose between two broad strategies: learning from official CFA Institute’s learning materials (books, Mock exams & Sample … Read More

CFA Level 1 Quantitative Methods – how to deal with them?

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Quantitative methods for  CFA Level 1 consists of the following sections: basic quantitative concepts that serve only as a background for numerous calculations you will use in other parts of CFA curriculum like time value of money and its application in DCF calculations, sample variance and return measurements and its application in portfolio management. After basic … Read More

CFA practice problems solving

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As already outlined, it is crucial to solve as many CFA® practice problems as possible. Namely, reading theory is very important in order to understand the concepts, and it is important to read as much as possible to be able to solve the problems, but it definitely will not prepare … Read More