Let revision for the December CFA Exam begin!

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Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum Make sure that you revise the material once again before your CFA® exam, if possible. Since the entire curriculum is quite extensive it is highly recommended to underline and mark key concepts during the initial reading. Once you complete all the readings you will spend significantly … Read More

How to learn Economics for your CFA Exam?

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Many candidates are not eager to learn Economics for the CFA Exam because it is not quite often used tool in everyday business. Usually analysts, portfolio managers and other financial experts have their own macroeconomic analyst who provide them with macroeconomic reports. However, at the end of the day, it … Read More

How to learn Equity and Fixed income?

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Equity and Fixed income are put in one volume. Although extensive, you can read the entire volume quickly if you follow tips presented below. First of all, the material is known to the majority of candidates in advance. The majority of candidates have some type of financial background in terms … Read More

What prep tools to use for CFA Exam preparation?

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Once you enroll the CFA program, CFA Institute will send you 6 books. In addition to that, before the exam you will get the online access to Mock exams. Besides CFA Institute materials, you will be approached by a number of prep providers who will offer you a range of services and products … Read More

A way to learn Derivatives (CFA Level 1 and 2)?

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Derivatives for the CFA Level 1 curriculum don’t have a huge weight. Moreover, you don’t have to read many pages on derivatives. However, you should not skip that part. Please note that unless you work every day with derivatives and/or you have been learning the material recently, this will not going to … Read More