Register now for the CFA exam and save money!

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Early bird catches the worm

Don’t miss the First Fee Deadline for June CFA Sale (20% OFF) for TimePrep for CFA! As always, time is important. As you well know, the time for registering for the December CFA exam is up. But, Wednesday, September 24 is the First fee schedule deadline to register for the June … Read More

How much does the CFA Exam cost?

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Don’t miss the First Fee Deadline for June CFA Sale (20% OFF) for TimePrep for CFA! CFA Institute offers to candidates and future candidates various fees for their enrolment, depending on when do they enrol the program. If you enrol sooner you can save up to USD 580. Besides, you also … Read More

McGraw Hill and CFA Institute admit: Time management and study strategy are critical key to a success in professional education!

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CFA Exam fee schedule

Two years ago we have started developing TimePrep for iPhone and iPad, our strategy and time management tool for the CFA program candidates. CFA program is one of the most prestigious programs for financial and investment professionals. Being the first company offering such a solution for candidates in professional educational … Read More

Benefits and complexity of the CFA program

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Actual and potential CFA candidates may wonder which are the benefits of the CFA exam. However, if you look at the statistics and low pass rates it is obvious that many candidates are not entirely aware of the complexity of the CFA exam. In this article, we will try to … Read More

What is better – MBA or CFA program?

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What is better – MBA or CFA program? This is a common question and topic on major discussion groups and forums. A number of professionals are wondering what is better. However, there is no right answer on the question which is better, or what is better to do first. MBA … Read More