Are CFA WhatsApp Study Groups helpful?

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As we wrote previously – study groups represent a generally good study approach. However, there are certain limitations and guidelines you need to know as stressed out in our blog post in order to make and participate in a successful study group.

Limitations refer mostly to the relative speed and effort of the group compared to your personal effort and speed. If you are less motivated and slow, a good group may motivate you to keep the pace with a good study plan. On the other side, if the group doesn’t have a good manager/leader or many good candidates who push the dynamics leave the group, you may end up being surrounded by non-performers. This may obviously affect your study performance and result.

Another issue that is more related to the WhatsApp, as a study group organization tool, is constant annoying sound of messages you may receive from group members in groups without clear rules and clear manager/leader. Imagine receiving messages while working, being unable to focus on important assignment, or worse while studying. You may end up reading many messages and not studying/working. Soon you will realize that the benefit is lower than the damage it causes.

On the other hand, good approach towards creating and managing a study group on WhatsApp would be having a clear rules and guidelines with a strong leader who will organize weekly (once or twice in a week) slots for discussions, where group members may openly discuss questions, organizational issues and similar in more structured way. If the study group is organized in this way every participant who can/want to participate in a weekly discussion will efficiently get messages and ideas from other colleges and efficiently participate with answers. Those who can not participate may efficiently avoid a session without leaving the group because it is annoying and messages are coming irregularly in a working day. In case a group manager doesn’t take a structured approach, WhatsApp Study groups may end up being a total failure.

There in one additional obvious limitation regarding WhatsApp as a study group tool. WhatsApp has limitation on total group members. The number of members is limited to 50. This limitation, in our opinion, works for CFA candidates who would like to form or participate in a study group. Limited number of study group members guarantees better quality of organization, communication and group management. Many candidates forming study group are however not aware of this limitation and are trying to build big networking groups on WhatsApp which is not possible and ultimately not successful. Our advice is to keep the number of participants as lower as possible – the best is to organize it in groups of up to 10 – 15 members.

In case you have any doubts, questions and/or need any help for organization or development of any kind of study group, feel free to contact us here – we are here for you!

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