Intelligently manage your CFA® exam study schedule

Top Features

 Choose your strategy

Select your study strategy based on the Official curriculum or Schweser study notes

 Reading order

Sort topics the way you like – you can start with Ethics, Derivatives or something else. It’s up to you.

 Strategy elements

Choose a combination of study elements you want or opt out of the ones you don’t need.


Select preferences which suit your study style.


Choose whole day study days and free days to perfectly integrate your life plans into your study schedule.


Schedule your daily study time to establish weekly routines.

 Study Calendar

Use your daily and weekly calendars to keep up with the study sessions.


Easily adjust your schedule in case you miss any study sessions and spend less time on study plan, and more on studying.


Follow your learning progress to make sure you are hitting the milestones for the CFA exam prep.

Get Up And Running In Minutes!

With our critically acclaimed setup system, you can integrate CFA exam preparation time in your schedule easily. And looking at different possible combinations of strategy elements and setup parameters, one might say that TimePrep truly is a unique experience, adjustable to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TimePrep cost?

The basic app is a free download – once you go through a short overview of the app, and sign up for TimePrep, you will be presented with options to purchase each CFA level. Price for each level is 50 USD.

I already started learning, can I use TimePrep?

It doesn’t matter if you already started learning or you are preparing to start – TimePrep’s critically acclaimed setup procedure is simple for the user, and yet complex underneath – so it covers every single CFA candidate that uses the official curriculum or Schweser study notes.

How can I earn a level for free?

Sharing is caring. Just like Dropbox, we decided to reward users who spread the word about TimePrep. Invite friend or colleague, and if someone you invited buys any CFA level in TimePrep app, you get a level of your choice for free! The more users you invite, greater the chance of success.

I didn’t study for a whole week, what now?

The biggest problem with regular study plans is when something goes wrong – then you need to reschedule everything manually, and this is where most candidates ditch their study plans. TimePrep is different – thanks to the complex time-management model underneath, you are able to reschedule your failed events in no-time. TimePrep does all the rest.

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